Friday, June 10, 2011

Adobe Reader's Big Problem

I use PDFs often. Nothing excels them in fidelity of design to documents for which design is important. The Adobe Reader, in its 5.5 days and earlier, was the standard PDF reader of choice. But with version 6, serious bloat occurred, and Adobe Reader is only now, in its latest versions, recovering from that problem. I have a new problem with Adobe Reader, though. Take a look:


This is a document that appears to be made of scanned images placed in text pages, produced by \( \mathrm{\TeX} \). Note how the scanned images appear as completely useless gray boxes. Here is how the document should look, and does look, in other PDF viewers:


I have searched and searched on this matter, but the results are few and old, and whenever I try to employ a solution I do find, it doesn't work.

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Jack Mathew said...

I am still facing the same issue it didn't work out for me either still trying to fix the issue by the way thanks for this posts keep share posts like this.
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