Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amazon SQS CFC

I've just published the first version of a ColdFusion component for the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). The SQS CFC uses mostly the query interface to SQS' API, except for the sendMessage method, which uses REST. This is because the query interface version of sendMessage only allows messages with a maximum size of only 8 KB, whereas the REST interface allows messages up to the full 256 KB limit.

A known issue exists with the addGrant method, which, as of 20 Jun 2007, is returning "Service Unavailable."

It's now available at Google Code. Just download the zip file and insert your Amazon Web Services Access Key ID and Secret Access Key into index.cfm, and start queuing.

Amazon SQS CFC - Google Code

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I shall never use Eclipse again

Today, while working on a snazzy ColdFusion component I've been writing for the Amazon SQS API, my IDE, Eclipse, behaved erratically: first, when trying to save the latest changes to the CFC, Eclipse paused for several seconds, and then finally saved the file. Then I continued making changes, and tried to save again. Another pause, and then Eclipse said, "This file has changed outside in the filesystem. Want to reload it?" I elected to reload it, which I now know was not the right thing to do, because I got a file that was zero bytes in size! Eclipse had just destroyed my source file!

I'm sorry, but I can't have that--not while working on serious code. I am furious.

A ColdFusion IDE! A ColdFusion IDE! My kingdom for a ColdFusion IDE!

I shall never use Eclipse again.