Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I Saved My Friends Lots of Money

Last night I got a phone call from one of my neighbors. She told me that she needed to use some courseware for a class at her university and said that she was unable to use it, and that she was told by someone that she needed to upgrade Windows to use it. They further said that, since a Windows license costs on the order of $200, she should just buy a new laptop. Now, this courseware is a web application—just a web site—yet she was told to get a new laptop. Naturally, my BS-meter went off, and I asked if I could come take a look.

I went over and looked, and saw that the real problem was not that the web site didn’t work—it worked just fine—but that the course documents were Microsoft Word .docx files. Not having Office or any other office apps, she had nothing with which to open them. So, I told her the nature of the problem and installed LibreOffice. Problem solved for $0.

The moral of this story? These points:

  • “Computer literacy,” so called, is woefully scarce in our society. I don’t really fault my neighbor so much as the yahoo she spoke with who told her such outrageous nonsense.
  • Professors should make their course documents available as PDFs, which is the proper interchange format for important documents. (What’s interesting about this is that Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, which use the .docx format natively, make producing PDFs from Word easier than ever before.)

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