Friday, February 27, 2009

Build Firebug Into Firefox

The other day I came to a startling realization: that all of the major web browsers—except Firefox—have Firebug-like developer tools built into them. Specifically, these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer(!) 7 and 8

  • Safari

  • Google Chrome

  • Opera

This is clearly the way things are going. Firebug and similar tools are so critical to developing web apps now that I think the Mozilla Foundation ought to acquire Firebug and build it into Firefox. I'd accept making it an option on installation, defaulted to "off," so that non-developers needn't deal with it.


captor said...

I'll second that. Firebug is already a great tool, and if the Mozilla developers were able to get their hands on it and polish and refine it further, it would be even better.

Azuka said...

I happen to not like Firebug, for some reason. I prefer to use the Web Developer Toolkit and the DOM Inspector. If Firebug does get built in, I hope there's some easy way (other than about:config) to disable it.

David Long said...

I think that Mozilla taking over Firebug is a terrible idea. Mozilla is the second most popular web browser there is and to build a developer tool into it specifically for the select developers who use Firefox is a just plain bad idea to me, especially when you have developers like Azuka who don't like to use FireBug. I personally like Firebug, but I have no issue with going to and downloading it for myself.

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