Monday, February 5, 2007


Today I discovered Intype, which could well be the "missing text editor" for Windows, like TextMate is the "missing text editor" for the Mac.

I first encountered TextMate last year when I watched a demo of Ruby on Rails, and I was impressed. Since then I've seen other screenshots and demos of TextMate and they have all impressed me. More and more as I saw demos of TextMate, more and more I coveted it for the Windows platform. I even considered making a clone myself.

But then I heard about Intype, which, although it claims not to be a clone of TextMate for Windows, uses a TextMate-compatible bundle system and has TextMate-like commands and features. Like TextMate, it promises to be simple, elegant, yet powerful. An early alpha release is available at Alpha and beta releases are free, but the real product will be similarly priced to TextMate, around $25 to $45, covering all point releases within an integral release (e.g., all 1.x releases or all 2.x releases, etc.).

TextMate bundles, which contain syntax highlighting information as well as snippets, are said to be easily convertible to Intype's bundle system. TextMate has a ColdFusion bundle and, with that and Intype's cheap price in mind, it is quite possible that Intype could become my default ColdFusion editor of choice. What I've seen so far looks very good.

Link to Intype

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